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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 19
~Chapter Nineteen: A Last Hope~
Hours after the cannon 'incident', you hadn't yet had time to see or speak with any of your peers. Directly after departing that miserable, Sina-damned courtyard, General Pixis led you, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin to the top the southernmost wall of Rose (much to the traumatized Woerman's disbelief and very vocal disapproval) to debrief you further. That and make some very interesting comments about the ideal scenario for him when it came to getting eaten alive by a titan, all while absent-mindedly fixing his authoritatively red sash. Being swallowed whole by a knock-out female would be okay, he declared to your slack-jawed quartet.
After a bit of questioning and larger bit of meaningless chatter, Armin started to explain to Pixis his genius-but-only-if-possible plan of sealing the destroyed Trost Gate with the gigantic boulder located in the eastern corner of Trost. It wasn't known whether or not Eren would actually be able to summon the titan form a
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 18
~Chapter Eighteen: Together Or Not At All~
Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum.
Each beat of his heart aligned with your own, bringing you life.
Alive. He's alive. Oh, Goddesses, he's alive.
You pressed your face even further into his chest, tightening your arms around his limp torso.
You couldn't imagine ever letting him go.
Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dum.
You felt that his shirt was wet where your face was pressed, and you wondered whether or not you were crying. You noted that you didn't care either way. A fog surrounded you and Eren, and everything outside the fog... was muted. Like a blanket had been thrown over it, dulling your sense of hearing. All that mattered, all that you cared about, was that Eren was here, with you, and he was alive.
You had been kneeling by his side for seconds, for minutes, for hours, days, you weren't sure, before you noticed the tapping on your shoulder and it got too insistent to ignore.
"What?" you snapped. At least you tried to
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 17
~Chapter Seventeen: Heartbeat~
The feral roars echoed throughout the atmosphere, sending chills down your aching spine.
What in the name of Sina is that? you thought, not for the first time since you had launched off the roof with your comrades.
The wind whipped your hair into your face, almost painfully, and you squinted against the gale as it blew all manner of debris - you weren't sure you wanted to know exactly which manner - into your eyes.
As you soared deeper into the ever-darkening city towards your goal, you were comforted at last by the familiar whirring of the gear at your waist and thighs, twisting and pulling at all your limbs and joints. You could tell that they would leave behind the same dull purple markings that they always did. You found it strange that the bruises seemed so comforting to you now, when your fellow soldiers lay in pieces strewn across the city streets and alleyways.
You directed your thoughts elsewhere.
The roars tore through the air agai
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 16
~Chapter Sixteen: Risen~
You weren't sure how much time had passed since your world ended.
You and Armin had since moved on from the bell tower, him carrying you by the waist to avoid further injury to your leg. You hung limply in his arms as he wobbled through the air precariously, managing to operate his worn gear with only one hand. It was proving to be very difficult, as the combined weight of you and his gear was not easy for Armin to bear, even with years of physical training.
Still, he hadn't spoken. You hadn't spoken. Neither of you needed to speak in order to understand the pain the other was feeling. You flew on in silence, both looking over the district with grief-stricken eyes.
Violence and death warped Trost several shades darker than its former self, the once bright city now a ghost of its past. Everything seemed blurry and stained, like the oils melting off an artistic masterpiece. Screaming echoed from off in the distance, but there was nothing you could do to help them
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 15
~Chapter Fifteen: I'm Sorry~
What you weren't expecting was the silence.
Screaming, explosions, anything else would have been expected, even acceptable. Fitting. But all there was was that awful, horrible, drawn-out silence that seemed to wrap itself around you like a blanket made of freezing water, never ending.
You stood with your comrades, your family, mouths open and eyes wide. No one said anything. No one did anything. All you could do was stare at the spot that used to be Thomas before he fell, shrieking, down the titan's gullet. And then there was silence.
The titan slowly picked itself up off the ground where it landed and turned, walking away like it hadn't just shattered your whole reality in a split second.
Your fists were clenched so hard you could feel your fingernails puncture the skin of your palms. Blood mingled with sweat. You vaguely noticed the feeling of a sharp pain in your leg from your landing, seconds earlier.
You heard a sound that was something between a sob a
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 14
~Chapter Fourteen: Children At War~
You froze.
And then you felt the burst of air and the sickening feeling of the ground sliding beneath your feet until it was no longer there at all. You watched the edge of the wall slip away from you as you fell. Something small and hard ricocheted off your forehead. A broken stone.
You remembered thinking how strange it was to see the sky from that angle, your feet above you, loose, wild hair obscuring your vision. There was a dull pain from your temple, but you hardly noticed it.
It was almost surreal. The blue of the sky was stunning. It looked like the perfect weather for a picnic. What a silly idea. Unfitting.
A voice jolted you from your musings.
"[Name]!" Eren nearly screamed, arms outstretched as if he might actually be able to reach you from twenty feet away, while activating his 3DMG and shooting towards you.
That was when you remembered.
You were a soldier. You were trained for this.
You quickly activated the ODM, firing both anchors into
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 13
~Chapter Thirteen: The Calm Before The Storm~
You blinked. And blinked again.
Your first thought was how close he was. You had been close to him before, sure, but never this close. His nose was pressed to your cheek right below your right eye, and you could make out each individual eyelash, even in the dull lighting of the early morning. His eyes were closed, shut tight. You noticed a rain drop fall from one of his eyelashes and then felt it slide down your cheek.
Huh. Strange.
One of his hands still cupped the back of your head, but one had dropped to your waist. You felt him tighten his hold there, and pull you closer, off the wall.
You felt a strange pressure on your lips, but couldn't identify it.
Then, all the pieces fell together in your head all at once.
Without thinking, your eyes fell shut and you automatically pressed back against him.
You still weren't quite sure what was happening but... you didn't dislike it.
Your arms slid up his torso and w
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 12
~Chapter Twelve: Flight~
You can't run forever.
Your heart stopped.
Him. It was him.
It had been almost five years since you'd seen him. You could remember that day as clearly as if it were yesterday. That was the day that changed everything.
It was a hot day in the Undercity. You were just about to steal dinner for you and Amelia when her voice rang out across the market.
"[Name], he saw you! Run,
You turned and fled, but the officer she had been alerted to was close in pursuit. While you were trying to squeeze through an alley and escape from him, he caught the satchel of supplies strapped to your back. You were captured.
"Aww... what bright eyes. I'm not sure I've ever seen such a [eye color]."
"Where did you get this, thief?"
He was interested in your ring. You were about as trapped as you'd ever been. But Amelia was there. Amelia was always there. She dropped a rock on him from above, knocking him unconscious. You escaped, but lost your supply
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Mature content
Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 11 :icongriiffn:griiffn 124 122
Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 10
~Chapter Ten: Stars~
[Songstamp: 'This Place Is A Shelter']
Promise me...
you'll see the stars...

You couldn't remember the last time you had actually taken a moment to appreciate the stars.
Amelia's voice rung eerily in your mind, a broken record, a reminder of times and memories that hadn't been awakened in what seemed like years. You could see her as clearly as if she had died yesterday. Her tiny frame and slender face, usually graced with one of her signature grins. Her long hair, so much like yours, matted with dirt and grime from the dank alleys and passageways of the Undercity where you grew up. Her brilliant, distinctive eyes. The same shade you saw when you looked at yourself in the mirror in the small hours of the morning. When you weren't sure if it was your eyes or hers that stared at you, accusatory, judging.
Your hands were folded behind your head, body stretched out flat on the grass. You stared stra
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 9
~Chapter Nine: Mirror~
You woke up the next day, tired, but feeling far better than you had in weeks.
Today was the day of your final evaluation. And you were ready.
Your resolution with Eren last night by the lake, despite how long it'd taken the two of you to walk home through the woods and the toll it had taken on your sleep, had left you feeling renewed and, dare you say it, happy. After the last month of loneliness, your last conversation had refreshed you, both emotionally and physically. You didn't think you'd been more ready to go in three years.
You would leave for the Military Police next week. All you had to do now was finish your test and make the top ten.
You sat up in bed, kicking the sheets off your bare legs and stretching like a cat. You yawned quietly before jumping lightly to the floor, the pads of your feet making nothing more than a soft 'thump' as you landed. You looked around you, noticing all the other girls still sleeping in various positions and
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 8
~Chapter Eight: Always~
You sat up in your bed, groaning at the light filtering in through the window.
You squinted your eyes, trying to rub the sleep and confusion out of them.
You looked around you. All the other girls were fast asleep as well, in positions that looked so stiff and so deep in slumber that they may as well have been comatose. No one had come to rouse you all, as had happened each other time this had happened over training.
You hadn't awoken with the sun in three years.
Oh. Right.
Today was it. The day before your final test. The one day in three years you each have, completely free and completely to yourselves to do whatever you wanted.
You were the only one in a hundred cadets who was not excited about this day.
You'd had a hard time getting excited about anything since the last time you spoke with Eren.
Everyone with homes within Wall Rose was going to take the day to visit their family and loved ones. Others were going to head to th
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Eren x Reader - Nightmares (BB Special)
Run... keep running...
Run faster...
You're running out of time...
...she's running out of time...

You shot up with a strangled yell, tangling yourself in your bed sheets in alarm, feet still mimicking the movements of seconds earlier, when you were back in that alley in Stohess, running towards the ghost that kept inching further away from you the faster you ran.
You panted, feeling the cold sweat drip down your forehead. This hadn't happened in a over a year. You weren't sure why it was now... but it chilled you to the core, the same as it always did. "It's a dream... just a dream... a dream..." you reassured yourself, trying to rub some of the warmth back into your shaking, bare arms.
"[Name]?" you heard a soft, concerned voice from beneath you. "Are you alright?"
You took a moment to catch your breath and collect yourself before you answered. You noticed a suspicious silence around your dorm, signaling that several of the other gir
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BB Bonus: Interviews
What do you think of [Name]?
Instructor Shadis: She's an incredibly talented hand-to-hand fighter and is competent with the 3DMG. She shows an aptitude for most sections of training and is an all-around decent soldier, although lacks a particular talent for any aspect besides hand-to-hand, which is ungraded in the program. Her intelligence was questionable for the first few months, but extra study sessions with Bodt have shown a definite improvement. She's in the top of the class now. Definitely a contender for the top ten. My only concern is her interpersonal skills.
Armin: She's a great soldier and a good friend. I wasn't sure what she was doing here at first; she didn't really seem to fit well with the others and never interacted with them much. But as time went on, she showed herself to be a determined, strong, and surprisingly kind person. I'm proud to say that I know her.
Mikasa: She's a close friend. I'd even go as far as to say she's like a sister.
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 7
~Chapter Seven: For Three Years~
"Wake up, Annie!"
"Sasha, slow down. Your shirt's inside-out again."
"Come on, Annie! Time to get up!"
"Breakfast will still be there once your shirt's on right, Sash. You'll be Shadis' breakfast if your uniform's not perfect. And I'll be sure to pass him the ketchup."
"Mikasa, get Annie's lazy ass out of bed? I'm trying to help Mina with her 3DMG... Mina, how do you always manage to get them tangled like this? Child."
"Sasha, come back! That's my boot, stupid!"
"Mina, move your arm up like this... Okay, you're all set..."
You yelled, shaking the sleeping girl vigorously, only one boot on and your hair a rat's nest as you barked out reminders and orders to the seven (six, now that Sasha had left to get first dibs on breakfast with Connie, as usual) other girls milling around you. For reasons far too complicated for you to understand, you had become a kind of cabin-mom to the seven trainees, taking
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Broken Bird - Eren x Reader Ch. 6
~Chapter Six: I Think You're Okay~
"Wait, this squiggly... it is an 'n', right? I keep getting it mixed up."
"'M's have two bumps. You're right, that's an 'n'."
"Oh. Okay."
You scribbled down the next letter furiously, tongue peeking out from between your teeth in concentration. You leaned back once you finished and observed your work, laying your pen down on the wood beside it. "There. 'Titan'."
Marco grinned at you happily. "Excellent! I didn't even need to correct you this time! You're really getting the hang of it."
You smiled back shyly. "I am. Thank you again, Marco."
You and Marco had been practicing your reading together for several months now. It was difficult at first, trying to meet without looking suspicious.  After the first month, however, the two of you had worked out a system of meeting in the classroom early, before all the other cadets arrived for morning classes.
You got together for your lessons only two or three times a week, but all the same, getting u
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